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Marseille 10KM Race


Marseille,France - With less than 2 or 3 seconds to break the Men’s and Women’s record in the 10km race, the Kenyans, Silas Kipruto (27’31”) and Margaret Wangari-Muriuki (31’05”) signed into the World’s Top level performances, during the Marseille 10km race that was held in Marseille, France on 1st May, 2010.

After a great race, the Kenyan Silas Kipruto record holder of the race since 2008 (27'28” - best time on the French territory) and winner of the 2009 Edition carried the hat by winning the 17th Edition of the Marseille 10 km in a time of 27'31''. “My objective was to break my own record, but I suffered towards the end,” confirms Kipruto. “I know this ground pretty well, and I knew I was going to win the race.”

Jacob Cheshari and Philemon Limo got to the arrival point in 27’43” (sixth best performance in the world 2010) and 28’08” respectively. “We train together in Eldoret, and even before the race began, we knew that the victory belonged to us,” said the three compatriots. When asked what was their strategy to winning this race, Limo replied, “We ran together most of the race, giving each other moral support, then after 7km, whoever who still had some energy was to go ahead and take the lead and the rest of us follow.”

Silas Kipruto (centre) is joined by his compatriots, Jacob Chesari(right) and Philemon Limo (left) on the podium in the presence of the directors of the event and the Marseille Deputy Mayor in charge of Sports.


In the women’s race, the first place went to the Kenyan Margaret Wangari- Muriuki who ran a super fast race, finishing the sprint in 31'05'', being the second best performance in the world in 2010 and the second best performance in the history of the 10 km General Council missing only 2 seconds to break the race record of 31'03''set in 2001. “I never imagined, I would win this race, my only interest was to keep the time,” says Margaret. “I am so glad to have won, thanks to the good weather and of course lots of training,” she adds.

Neck to neck with Wangari throughout the race, the Ethiopian Belainesh Olijira took the 2nd position in 31'07'', the fourth best overall performance in 2010, followed by Kenya's Alice Timbili in 31’25”, i.e. 6th world performance of the year.

Margaret Wangari (centre), Belainesh Olijira (right) and Alice Timbili (left) on the podium.

As part of our strategy to promote Sports Diplomacy, the Kenya Embassy in Paris was present to support our Kenyan Athletes.

Kenya Embassy staff with the Kenyan athletes after the event.



1. Silas KIPRUTO (KEN) - 27'31 (4th world’s best performance 2010)
2. Jacob CHESHARI (KEN) - 27'43 (6th world’s best performance 2010)
3. Philemon LIMO (KEN) - 28'08
4. Belete ASSEFA (ETH) - 28'24
5. Boniface KIRUI (KEN) - 28'38
6. James THEURI (FR) - 28'43
7. Thomas Pkeme LONGOSIWA (KEN) - 29'00
8. Peter KIMELI (KEN) - 29'04
9. Reuben IINDONGO (NAM) - 29'05
10. John KYUI (KEN) - 29'09


1. Margaret WANGARI-MURIUKI (KEN) - 31’05
2. Belainesh OLIJIRA (ETH) - 31’07
3. Alice TIMBILI (KEN) - 31’25
4. Caroline DESPEREZ (FR) - 36’04


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